Our twist on the beer run.

Our twist on the beer run.

What sets the Texas Beer Series apart from other beer runs? Keep reading!

At a traditional 5k beer run, you run a 5k race (3.1 miles) and then you get hearded into the taproom for a pint or flight of beers. NOT US!
During the Texas Beer Series, we bring the beer to you… out on the course!

You get your first beer sample right away, because we start off each event with a celebratory “CHEERS!”, signaling the beginning of the race. 

After the event starts, you can sprint, run, jog, walk or crawl the remaining 5 laps. After each lap you will receive another beer sample. AWESOME!

Feel free to stick to your favorite beer or sample a different beer every lap. When you finish the 5k, take your finisher’s award, a custom event logo pint glass, into the taproom and get a pint of your favorite beer (included with your registration). 

Come out early and stay late. The Texas Beer Series is a fun and social way to gather your friends and family together. 

Each event is pet, stroller and kid friendly as well. Our “Root Beer Division” is perfect for designated drivers, non-beer drinkers and kiddos. Bring out the entire family!
Beer and running… two things that go GREAT together!