Ranger Creek’s 5 beers!

Ranger Creek’s 5 beers!

Ranger Creek has some amazing beer! You will get to try them at the Ranger Creek 5k Beer Run!

As you know, each event in the Texas Beer Series is a 5k beer run. We start of each event with a celebratory “cheers!” and then run 5 laps on the looped course. After each lap you get to sample another AMAZING beer!

The Ranger Creek Brewing 5k Beer Run on Sunday, May 7th is no exception. We will get to try 5 of Ranger Creek’s award winning beer. Check out the lineup below:

  • San Antonio Lager
  • Love Struck Hefe
  • Opa
  • Red Headed Stranger
  • Dark Side of the Hop


These beers offer a wide variety for everyone’s tastes. We can’t wait to see y’all at the race! There is still time to sign up by clicking the link below!