Results are in: River City Half Marathon, 5k & 10k

Results are in: River City Half Marathon, 5k & 10k

A big THANK YOU for everyone who joined us at the River City Half Marathon 5k & 10k!

There were a few hiccups on race day with the aid station delay and chip timing glitch.  We apologize for the inconvenience and are using these issues as teaching tools moving forward.  We promise we will do better in the future.  Thank you very much for your patience with us!

Results are in!  Click HERE for full list of results!


Half Marathon Women
1st place:  Laura Huning  1:28:27  (6:45/mile)
2nd place:  Kristen Koroscil  1:29:36  (7:12/mile)
3rd place:  Ileene Samaniego  1:40:28  (7:40/mile)

Half Marathon Men
1st place:  Nico Soliz  1:29:36  (6:50/mile)
2nd place:  Gerard Tyrrell  1:41:22  (7:44/mile)
3rd place:  Daniel Gutierrez  1:41:33 (7:45/mile)

5k Women
1st place:  Chelsea Conaway  29:56  (9:38/mile)
2nd place:  Layla Hernandez  29:58  (9:39/mile)
3rd place:  Nicole Obiedo  30:25  (9:47/mile)

5k Men
1st place:  Peter Curtiss  21:51  (7:02/mile)
2nd place:  Eduardo Rodriguez  23:20  (7:31/mile)
3rd place:  Justin Stephens  24:19  (7:50/mile)


10k Women
1st place:  Emily Schmitt  45:29  (7:19/mile)
2nd place:  Suzanne Wallace  45:34  (7:20/mile)
3rd place:  Chelsea Bourque  49:49  (8:01/mile)

10k Men
1st place:  Matthew Belver  44:41  (7:11/mile)
2nd place:  Andrew Wolf  50:13  (8:05/mile)
3rd place:  Felix Guerra  51:12  (8:14/mile)


Our chip timing is hosted by Athlete Guild.  For a full list of all results, please click HERE.

Thank you so much for joining us at the River City Half Marathon, 5k & 10k.  We had a great time and we LOVE seeing everyone’s smiling faces cross the finish line.  You guys ROCKED IT!

River City Half Marathon 5k & 10k
Sunday, Sept 3rd – 7:30am start time
Leon Creek Greenway
(Ingram Road Trailhead)
3215 Northwestern
San Antonio, TX 78238

Charity Sponsor: We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Texas Kidney Foundation as our charity sponsor for the River City Half Marathon, 5k & 10k!


Did you know… Since 2013, the Texas Kidney Foundation has conducted more free kidney screenings than any other non-profit kidney organization in Texas.  They are proud to be spreading awareness and promoting public health.  For more info about the Texas Kidney Foundation, please visit their website HERE.


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